5Linx Enterprises Inc.

Company Profile

5Linx Enterprises Inc. Corp.

  • Revenue

    $112 Million
  • Employee Count

  • Year Founded

  • Products

Personal Products

  • Chroma Credit
  • ID Guard
  • Montavida
  • Platinum+
  • Residential Energy Program
  • Safeguard Services
  • Safescore
  • Tech 24/7
  • Teevee

Business Products

  • Commercial Energy Program
  • Textalertz
  • Headquarters Location

Rochester, New York

About 5Linx Enterprise Inc.

5LINX offers essential products and services people use every day. The company distributes its products and services through a network of dedicated independent marketing representatives who provide customers with the latest in telecommunications products, energy (gas and electric), and many other products and services for the home and business.

The Corporate Team Behind 5Linx Enterprises Inc.

The leaders of 5Linx Enterprises have close to 100 years of experience collectively. Chairman Nelson Gerard is a business owner of several different companies. COO Mike Gilbert is very knowledgeable when it comes to the network marketing industry with lots of experience to back him up. One of his achievements was building a 50,000 person sales organization. Vice President Denise Nowak has a background in marketing and planning combined with several years of experience planning 5LINX National Training Events. Chief Sales Officer Larry Harper is a professional in building network sales organizations, and he has advised some very successful direct selling companies.

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The 5Linx Enterprises Inc. Vision

5Linx desires each of its representatives to create its own success story. They believe that every success story is unique to an individual, and they wish to help their representatives in their journey to success. They believe that every one of their representatives shares one trait, though, and that is a vision for the future. To help them succeed in this vision 5Linx provides their representatives with several tools to make their lives easier.

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Doris Gaskins

Chief Executive Officer

Nelson Gerard

Chairman of the Board

Michael Gilbert

Chief Operating Officer

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