Company Spotlight: Young Living Essential Oils Corp.

History of Young living essential oils

Company Spotlight: Young Living Essential Oils Corp.

With more and more consumers looking for natural supplements and oils, only a few companies have managed to satisfy their customers like Young Living has. With over two and a half decades in the industry, it is one of the world’s most established essential oils companies.

Despite its history, Young Living Essential Oils isn’t afraid of embracing technology. In fact, it is one of the few companies that adopt new technological methods to make its production lines more sustainable. Alongside technology, the company uses the best ingredients, which is why thousands adore it.

Over the last two decades, the company has established a global footprint. It provides products to over 200 countries. Furthermore, Young Living has formulated over 600 wellness products, making it one of the largest varieties of products by any essential oils company.

Many people wonder what the key to their success is. In the following sections, we’re going to examine how Young Living was founded, its background, and its reputation decades on.

History and Business Model

Young Living was founded in 1993 when its founder, Donald Young, suffered a back injury. After months of searching, Donald was unsuccessful in his search for good-quality alternative medicine. After meeting a French Lavender Distiller in California, Donald was introduced to the world of essential oils and their benefits.

After traveling to France to learn more about distillation, Donald purchased a 165-acre farm and founded Young Living. Soon after, Young Living’s essential oils took off, which is why a second farm was swiftly purchased in 1996. With over $10 million in annual sales in the first year alone, Young Living would become one of the largest providers of essential oils worldwide.

Fast forward to recent times, and the company is doing better than ever. Between 2015 and 2017 alone, the company made over $1 billion! Its success can be credited to its business model, allowing individuals to profit from selling Young Living products. 

This business model is called Direct Sales, and a lot of companies around the world use it. Lastly, we’re going to talk about how Young Living adopted this method to become one of the largest suppliers of essential oils globally.

A Closer Look At Its Business Model

Young Living Essentials is one of the largest providers of essential oils around the globe. Its business model, also known as direct sales, is a key component of its success. The company ranks one of the highest in this model’s rankings, making it a leader in the direct sales industry as well.

In 2020, the company broke its previous records and reported a staggering revenue of $2.2 billion. Its direct-selling option allows thousands of individuals to profit from selling the company’s products. There are a plethora of reasons people may benefit from opting to sell Young Living products.

Aside from helping others live a more natural and healthy life, they’ll get access to a range of lucrative products that can help them make money. Starting direct sales with this company is cheap, with the license starting as low as $14.95. Moreover, its sellers don’t need to take any risks in keeping inventory since Young Living takes care of all the necessary processes.

Lastly, joining Young Living as a brand partner has a ton of benefits. For instance, its partners get access to the company’s exclusive online communities and mentors to help them jump start their businesses.

Looking after the Planet

Young Living Essential Oils is committed to lowering its impact on the planet. However, what makes this company special is that its sustainability goals don’t impact the quality of its oils. In fact, the company has managed to obtain 99% landfill-free status, which means its distribution facilities are eco-friendly.

Aside from adopting the best manufacturing processes, the company has a robust recycling program. It has also managed to win two prestigious awards: Recycler of the Year and Green Business of the Year.

One way Young Living follows its sustainability goals is by investing in green packaging. The company invests heavily in the latest sustainable packaging, which ensures it has one of the least impacts on the planet. Young Living’s essential oils come in recyclable packaging that doesn’t gather in landfills. Furthermore, its packaging is derived from recycled materials and contains no toxic materials like BPA and PVC.

Young living essential oils way of looking out for the planet

Aside from packaging, the company ensures that all of its oils are made from organic ingredients. Many essential oils contain artificial scents and components that may be toxic. Unfortunately, with how common this is, it could be hard to differentiate between pure and synthetic oils. However, Young Living ensures its products are made from the very best ingredients.

Empowering People

Young Living Essentials empowers people across every channel. Whether it’s the people who work at their partner farms, manufacturing facilities, employees, brand partners, or customers, everyone along the chain benefits from the company’s excellent line of products.

The company sources its oils from the best farms worldwide, ensuring the people working there aren’t exploited. Furthermore, it ensures that the best farming practices are used, keeping harmful chemicals out of its products. It takes its quality commitments seriously by enacting a unique process that consists of three pillars: source, science, and standards.

The company has provided prospects to millions worldwide for over two decades. Its signature Brand Partner program allows regular individuals around the world the opportunity to share their love for essential oils and profit from it. Furthermore, individuals who want to sell Young Living’s products don’t have to spend millions, providing equal opportunities for everyone to grow!

Global Reach

Since 1994, Young Living has been providing the best essential oils to the world. With countless satisfied customers around the world, the brand has globalized unlike any other. It supplies over 600 products to over 200 countries, helping reach billions of people.

Furthermore, Young Living has over 4000 employees globally, helping the brand spread its footprint to numerous locations. It is also committed to expanding into 25 new markets while maintaining its promise to reach zero waste by 2025. 

Young living essential oils global reach

Moreover, the brand is committed to empowering families around the world. It promotes an entrepreneurial mindset while ensuring it empowers underserved communities through the Young Living Foundation. It also funds dozens of projects around the world to promote education, driving positive change to places that need it the most.

Top Quality Products

In the essential oils market, it’s straightforward for some companies to cut corners. Synthetic ingredients are typically cheaper than natural ones, so many mainstream brands use them. However, while they may claim that artificial ingredients don’t have any harmful side effects, how can we be so sure?

Instead, customers opt for products from companies like Young Living. A pioneer in essential oils, the company has dozens of varieties that serve different purposes. Also, there is a strict protocol that ensures that over 2,500 toxic ingredients don’t make it into their products. With quality controls so severe, it’s very easy to trust their products.

Furthermore, the company is fully committed to delivering on its sustainability goals. As mentioned, it invests heavily in the latest green packaging, ensuring its impact on the world is minimal. With plastic-free packaging and a strong recycling program, Young Living Essential Oils Corp. leads the way in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Young Living’s Online Reputation

Finally, here’s the section you’ve probably been looking for. In this section, we’re going to dive deeper into Young Life’s online reputation. We’ve extensively searched the web, trying to find critical insights that can help you determine whether this company is legit. Furthermore, we go to great lengths to ensure our sources are trustworthy, so let’s get into it!

Young Living has tons of positive reviews online. With millions of customers, their online reputation is no suprise. Most online reviewers give it full points for its Seed to Seal policy, ensuring all of its oils are made from the best, high-quality ingredients. Furthermore, it also scores really well in the purity section, with all of its products being made from 100% pure natural ingredients.

However, a few reviews point out the company’s delivery issues and lack of customer service. Young Living needs to work on communicating with its clients and customer service since many people who place orders have a hard time contacting the company. Furthermore, there are reports of some customers waiting months to receive their orders, which seems unacceptable.

However, the overwhelming majority of reviews still appear to be optimistic about the company. Young Living’s essential oils are one of the most popular in the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

Final Thoughts

As things stand, Young Living provides one of the best essential oils in the world. With its ability to leverage direct sales to boost its revenue, a lot of people can join in on its success. By becoming a brand partner, you can sell its products and earn healthy commissions!