Which Cosmetic Direct Sales Companies Should I Know About? – Nu Skin, Avon, Mary Kay, Natura, & Younique

Which Cosmetic Direct Sales Companies Should I Know About? – Nu Skin, Avon, Mary Kay, Natura, & Younique

You can learn a lot about the world by comparing various products and manufacturers that cater to the same clientele and sell what are, in effect, the same types of high-demand, constant-use items. Naturally, every company has its own cache of proprietary secrets that it depends upon, but it is really a matter of presentation in many ways. When it comes to direct marketing of cosmetic products, there are many fine companies that sell excellent products.

It is interesting to note the divergent approach they choose to take as a way of distinguishing themselves from their competitors. In doing so, it is easier to judge how successful they are in their pitches and future prospects.


Nu Skin

In the case of Nu Skin, their very name screams that this is a company with a deliberately selective approach. Rather than vend every possible product to their customers, Nu Skin has quite obviously chosen to specialize in high-end skincare products and nothing else. When you think of skincare, there is only one name they want you to have on your mind.

Nu Skin has laid out a strategy of appealing to women throughout their lives. They start with skin-enhancing and protecting products, then segue smoothly into critical nutritional and anti-aging solutions. No matter what stage of the journey you are currently at, Nu Skin has plans to take you all the way to the final destination.



Avon has a more expansive viewpoint on how to interact with their customers. Not only do they want to be a one-stop-shop for all of their customers’ skin, hair, and beauty needs, but they have also branched out into many related fields such as jewelry, fashion, and even a line of men’s products. The company is, quite simply, a large family of product lines, and it is easy to see that their bread-and-butter is coming from women with families rather than young hipsters.

Avon can do that too, but their interest clearly lies in the middle of a woman’s life. It wants to be part of the family and looks to connect with their target demographic at a time when women want to look good but do have other financial priorities on the list. Quiet confidence and modesty thus become the signature appeal.


Mary Kay

Mary Kay operates on principles similar to those of Avon but perhaps with not quite as expansive a product line on offer. Both firms seek to give their customers a real chance to buy something from them even if they are not interested in any specific thing at the moment. In this regard, gift shopping is a major part of their appeal outside of their base product line of cosmetics.

Mary Kay echoes Avon in many ways, but they have a narrower focus on just the woman herself as she journeys through time rather than snuggling up with the entire family. They are looking to keep a woman looking good at any age without straying too far from that mandate. As a result, ageless beauty is the name of the game for Mary Kay. Health is not an area where they show any appreciable strength of the product line. They are a true cosmetic company.



Younique has chosen to stick to its original mission a little more closely. They are much more of a pure cosmetics operation and one that is clearly aiming at a younger, urbanized demographic. With Younique, it is all about “The Look” first.

Younique is the most specialized organization among all of these. They are a cosmetic company and one that tries to grab their customers right out of the gate with more flashy and alluring approaches than are seen in the old standbys. In addition, they are obviously Number One in urban and multi-ethnic appeal. This raises the question of if a loyal Younique shopper is going to continue to use their favorite products as time goes by. We believe that the company makes an active effort to keep them on board once they are no longer wearing makeup every day but rather once or twice a week.




Conversely, Natura seems to be about almost everything except “The Look.” This is a company aiming squarely at the outdoorswoman and the environmentally-conscious. Haircare, skincare, fragrances, and many unique offerings comprised of natural ingredients is their hallmark. Traditional cosmetic offerings are somewhat surprisingly absent from their overall product li

It is another brand that has chosen to specialize. While all of the companies give a great deal of publicity to their charitable activities and their environmental bona fides, this often feels like an add-on rather than their main focus. With Natura, it seems more integrated into the firm.


Company Focuses

These aspects are not necessarily part of the company; they are the results of the efforts of the company to set itself apart from everyone else. As with any other industry, there are a variety of methods and focuses with each company in the cosmetic direct sales space. And, think about the way these methods have changed as more and more direct sales companies have made the move online. If you consider using any of these brands or working with them, you now have the ins and outs to compare and make an informed choice.