The Top Essential Oil Direct Sales Brands To Consider In 2021 – Young Living, doTERRA, NYR Organics, Forever Living

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The Top Essential Oil Direct Sales Brands To Consider In 2021 – Young Living, doTERRA, NYR Organics, Forever Living

In the 90s, essential oils were sort of an obscure concept. Unless you were incredibly rooted in doing everything organically, or you were terrified of the doctor, essential oils were more of a “flower child” idea than anything.

Enter the past ten years, and we have seen the emergence of direct sales oils on our Facebook feeds, Instagram stories, and from over-zealous, self-marketing friends at Zoom meetings. In fact, if you have not heard of any of the following companies, we might be able to assume that you are currently living under Patrick Star’s rock… Which is totally fine in 2020. In fact, it might be an amazing place to start your own essential oils business with the boom of social sales.

But, we digress.

As we welcome a brand new year, we wanted to take a moment to take a look at the biggest direct sales essential oil companies of the year. From their perks to their downfalls, here’s what DSDefenders discovered about the market’s highest earners…


Young Living Essential Oil

Young Living has been around for quite a while, but that hasn’t stopped its momentum. Sometimes, in the realm of trending, the older the company, the more they seem to lose touch with the audience of the time. However, Young Living, if anything, has managed to recreate generations who are gung-ho about stress-free lifestyles and the benefits of health perks that essential oils may carry.

Their social presence is dynamic. You simply cannot be on the web and not know someone who carries Young Living. However, they, like many of their counterparts, are pretty pricey. Their retail and wholesale pricing can feel a little weird as a consumer trying to purchase directly from their site.

Though the company had a dicey background story, it has really soared over the marketplace, and while we feel like they could do a little better on their pricing, making it feel more inclusive to general buyers… they have to be doing something right.



Our favorite thing about doTERRA is that they educate their customers about essential oils in a way that is consumable. With large “learn more” buttons, you will be taken to a little space where you can see where the oil comes from on the map, what its benefits are, and even its usage tips. This is incredibly helpful in a not in-your-face sort of way… which is always a breath of fresh air in a world of essential oil competition.

What doTERRA does well is show you what you are getting and why you are paying the prices you are. This feels less intimidating in the space and frees up purse strings a little more to buy into the hype.

With a steady stream of social offers and coupons, doTERRA does a fine job of making itself available to those who are looking to save money and continues its presence on a variety of social platforms.


NYR Organics

The design of the NYR Organics brand’s web page is actually quite impressive. However, it is a little over-the-top about joining their team. While we totally get that creating consultants is part of the essential oils world of success… it feels a little like you want to back out of the web page because you aren’t sure if you can buy directly.

With that said, a quick scroll of the page shows that you, in fact, can buy straight from the site. The prices are refreshingly lower than some of the other brands on the list-making for a real one-to-watch for the coming year. Combined with a well-planned social media presence, NYR Organics excels at pricing and design, even if you aren’t into being a part of “the team.”




Forever Living 

Name it… they sell it. Forever Living really took a note from the beauty direct marketing firms and ran with it. From bee products to drinks and oils, Forever Living has a little bit of everything for everyone in the family.

Their pricing really falls right in the middle of cheap and expensive, making Forever Living feel luxurious without feeling unaffordable. The layout is really one of our favorites. The images are consistent with their brand story, and their social presence is just as impressive as some of the longer-standing companies.

Forever Living may be best known for its essential oils but, the offering of other products sets it apart in the market. You don’t expect to see more… then do. That is always a perk when you are in stiff competition with other direct marketing companies.


Essential Oil Success

As we start off a brand new year with more possibilities, whether you are a marketing guru or a consumer, here’s to a year filled with goodness – for your heart, body, and soul. And to these brands, we at DSDefenders wish you success in 2021 as the essential oils direct sales industry continues to evolve with the ever-changing world situation.