Defending reputation from anti-MLM

How To Defend Your Reputation From Anti-MLM

Direct sales companies are often compared to multi-level marketing (MLM) companies despite some very clear differences. This can lead to their online reputations being questioned and tarnished. 

Here we will be looking into what MLM companies are and how you can defend your reputation as a direct sales company against anti-MLM movements to keep your hard work from going to waste. 

What Are MLM Companies, And Exactly How Do They Operate?

Person-to-person sales are how MLM organizations offer their services or goods. That implies you’re marketing to others directly, possibly from your house, a user’s home, or the internet.

If you enter an MLM scheme, you may be referred to as an individual “distributor, partner, or entrepreneur” by the firm. Most MLMs claim there are two methods to gain money:

  1. By marketing MLM items to “retail” consumers who are not members of the MLM by hiring new wholesalers and receiving incentives depending on what they buy and sell to retail clients.
  2. Your recruiters, their recruits, and so on form your supply chain or “downline”.

Following COVID-19, MLMs and direct sales organizations came under intense investigation. Not only did the FTC begin to focus significantly on MLMs, but many businesses also faced the fury of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, which have all become notably anti-MLM. 

In reality, not a single day passes that an anti-MLM article does not reach the top of Quora, and numerous anti-MLM TikTok videos receive millions of views.

This has made operating direct sales firms more difficult than ever before. This is why it would be best if you began fighting against the anti-MLM crowd with the right online reputation management methods. 

Know this: direct selling is not a Ponzi scheme and you will be paid depending on your retail sales rather than for hiring new members.

In some circumstances, consumers assume they have joined a genuine direct sales company, only to discover that it is an unlawful pyramid scam that takes all they invest and leaves them badly in debt.

Everything There Is To Know About Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid Schemes might appear to be good prospects and frequently sell brands and products that you’ve probably seen or heard of. 

pyramid scheme warning signHowever, becoming a distributor for a Ponzi scheme will cost you and prospective recruits — frequently friends and family members — a lot of money and time that you will not be able to recoup.

Pyramid scheme marketers may try to attract you by telling you how much money you’ll make. They may claim that by selling the company’s services, you may improve your life, quit your work, and even become wealthy. 

It’s all an illusion. Your revenue would be determined mostly by the number of individuals you attract rather than the amount of merchandise you sell. 

Pyramid schemes are designed to motivate everyone to continue hiring new wholesalers — and their money — to keep the company running smoothly.

A pyramid scheme may frequently urge or even force you to purchase a particular amount of stuff at frequent intervals, especially if you currently have more stock than you can utilize or sell.

You may even be required to purchase things before being compensated or getting some rewards. 

Furthermore, the organization may claim that you may receive luxurious benefits like awards, bonuses, exotic holidays, and luxury automobiles. 

How To Distinguish Your Direct Sales Company

Be Upfront About What You Have to Offer

Much of the anti-MLM movement’s criticism originates from their belief that MLMs, pyramid schemes, and, by extension, direct sales organizations, and their partners have not been honest with their data.

If you plan on selling your items and providing your sellers with a stable income, be sure your data is accurate. Gather stats to protect it. 

The better your case, the less chance an anti-MLM follower has of turning others back in the closet from your firm. They will have no reply if you offer them straight, factual evidence.

Therefore, you must arm yourself with accurate knowledge whatsoever. One of the reasons the FTC has been coming down on some firms is because their statements are not entirely truthful. 

Avoid being a Pushy Salesperson

If you are a member of an MLM, you may make a lot of money by attracting new members. This is a component of the marketing model. Moreover, many individuals misinterpret this and feel it is a pyramid scam. As a result, their company is vulnerable to assault.

If the anti-MLM movement targets your firm, you have likely been overly aggressive in your recruiting efforts. If you want to attract others into direct selling, do not do it in the spur of the moment. You will be the target of MLM critics as a consequence of this.

Be cautious of who you contact. Never message someone out of nowhere. That never works in any case. Introduce individuals to the direct sales conversation gradually. Pick your possibilities carefully. When discovering those possibilities, be certain that you only give them factual information.

If you’re less forceful in your attitude, you will provide an excellent defense for your direct sales model.

Learn The Difference Between A Pyramid Scheme And Direct Sales

Listen, Think, and Speak to not fall for pyramid schemeThe myth that direct sales is a pyramid scam will haunt you for the rest of your life. You already know it’s not. The issue is that numerous direct sales companies struggle to communicate this fact. 

Consequently, people automatically assume that a direct sales company is a pyramid scam. Of course, becoming a pyramid scheme has bad implications.

Clearly stated, a pyramid scheme is prohibited. A pyramid scam’s sole means of gaining money is attracting more individuals into the plan.

This indicates that the lower someone is in the pyramid, the less likely they are to make money. Many will not earn any money whatsoever. So it’s easy to understand why they’re illegal.

Yes, recruiting will play a significant role in direct sales. But it isn’t the only method to generate money. You may make money by selling things through direct sales. Direct sales organizations do not need to recruit to earn money; they sell items. 

Tell them no if someone criticizes you and accuses your company of being a pyramid scam. Inform them that your company functions entirely differently than a pyramid scam.

If you accomplish this, you can sway a few folks away from the anti-MLM campaign.

Be Simple to Speak With

If you work in direct sales, it is critical that you be simple to interact with. Among the biggest concerns with an anti-MLM campaign is that numerous direct sales members vanish after making a profit. 

It’s undeniable that certain individuals do. This is not a good thing. Never, ever do it.  If you disappear entirely, never offering guidance to your trainees, you will become an obvious victim of critics. 

The anti-MLM folks will state that you are not there to assist others in making money. They will claim that you are just present because you wish to generate profit for yourself.

Always make yourself available to any of your candidates. If they are experiencing trouble with doing something, do everything you can to assist them in resolving the problem. Give them the impression as if they are being looked after.

Note that many of the anti-MLM protesters will be ex-MLM members. Most of them might be complaining about their previous experiences. The entire reason you wish to be accessible is to remove their primary cause for complaining.

Create Your Own Content

It would help if you countered fire by using fire. If the anti-MLM campaign dominates social media, you should too. 

Protect your business idea and yourself. Ensure you’re generating high-quality video material to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Note that when you are trying to produce your material, such as TikTok videos, you must remain truthful in every aspect of your material. 

If you aren’t, you may bet that anti-MLM trolls will attempt to punch holes in just about everything you do.

Make Sure Your Marketing And Branding Efforts Are Extensive

If you work with one of the world’s biggest direct sales companies, possibilities are that they are working extremely hard behind the doors to enhance their image and start fighting back over those who charge them of malice.

If you have started your own direct sales company or are a recruiter with one of the organizations, you must concentrate on advertising and marketing.

Instead of focusing on the company model, highlight your products. The focus of any direct sales must always be on the goods. If you accomplish it right, the recruiters will come to you.


While the anti-MLM movement is only growing, they are unjustly attacking direct sales companies but with the tips given above, you can distinguish yourself from these companies.

Make sure you incorporate online reputation management strategies into your direct sales structure to defend yourself from any ill-intentioned attacks. 

Be clear and honest with your employees and customers to clear any doubts they may have and reinforce to the anti-MLM movement that you’re distinct from pyramid schemes and are offering genuine opportunities for growth!