Never Underestimate The Power Of 1 In Direct Sales

Never Underestimate The Power Of 1 In Direct Sales

Think for a second about the following questions: How does it feel to make a difference in someone else’s life? How does it make that person feel? When there is a singular focus on the needs, goals, and dreams of others. There comes feelings of empowerment, joy, and accomplishment.

It is amazing what can happen when one person makes up their mind to make a positive impact. In the world of direct sales, we hear a lot about building your business by getting new customers as well as recruiting two or three people. Then the goal or hope is to teach and train those who have made a decision to build a business duplicate those same actions. This is true but can become overwhelming if one has never done this before. However, focusing on one person who shows a real interest in becoming either a customer or a leader is easier to duplicate.

Changing the Direct Sales Formula:

Hand holding up one fingerWhy focus on one at a time? Because in direct sales you are going to be presenting something that can change their life. That change may come in the form of health and wellness improvement. Or it can come in the way of an improved financial situation. One cannot afford to just hand someone a brochure, send them a link, and walk away. They need to focus on the individual, their needs, goals, and dreams. This type of focus will demonstrate the true Power of 1. 

Direct sales companies spend enormous resources developing the right products, opportunities, sales materials, technology, and compensation plan. Their focus is to provide the tools to help their distributors, consultants, presenters, marketers, ambassadors, contractors, stylists, and customers to achieve success. Trying to share all of these tools can feel overwhelming so focusing on the one becomes critical. As an independent representative focuses on the one they can ask specific questions and then actively listen. It is during this active listening when you can start to determine which of the tools become the most important to talk about. You might surprise yourself at the increase of new customers and leaders you acquire by being focused on the one. 

For some, a lack of focus on the one creates a situation where they crumble just as fast as they got started. They are excited about getting started and so they jump in sharing with everyone. However, because they are not focused on an individual they realize quickly they are getting a lot of “no’s”. These negative responses create feelings of frustration, failure, and hopelessness. The reality is when building your own individual business the same concept is true. If you try to build a house without a plan and focus on each individual part of the home, you realize quickly you are lost and instead of building a home, you are building a disaster. Instead, you must build a home nail by nail based on the plans created. 

Building Determination and Focus:

When you develop the skills to focus on the one, you will also develop the abilities to provide energy and vision to those who you are sharing your business with. Your determination and focus on individuals will secure your future. Don’t you think it is much easier to teach others to focus on one person and to do that three, four, and five times than it is to just say go get three people? Yes, for most people. The key word and difference here is focus.

When you have focus on something you will make the necessary efforts to achieve success. Working in direct sales is full of unique ups and downs. People join and drop out because they thought it would be easy to build a business. They may have thought they would be earning lots of money quickly. They may drop because they are not experiencing positive results from the products. If you have focused on the one, you are better prepared to help those who may want to walk away from the products or opportunity. You can ask questions that are relevant to them. Then help remind them of what they told you about their goals.

Creating Positive Momentum For Your Direct Sales Team:

Focusing on individuals opens a pathway of creating long-term relationships which are so important in building a successful business or establishing long-term customers. Although direct sales has been known as a word of mouth type of advertising. Nowadays, technology has opened up opportunities in amazing ways for the direct sales industry. Sending a link, video, or asking someone to Like or Follow has become the new norm in trying to build a business. However, technology has also made it so there is less focus on the one and more focus on the masses. In this situation, very few will achieve success because direct sales is and always be about the individual. Nothing can replace the individual determination and focus you will give to those who will be your customers and leaders. 

Direct selling is an industry where momentum plays a huge role in the success of each individual and company. Momentum can be either positive or negative. The direct sales industry has achieved success in spite of the negativity it often gets associated with. There are two main reasons for this, first, companies are trying harder now to manage their brand through proactive reputation management and second, those who represent the company have such a passion and connection to the brand they strive to promote all that is good. What will ultimately determine the success of each person will be their ability to create the type of momentum that attracts others who believe in the products, services, and the company. This comes one person at a time. 

If you have taken the time to understand the Power of 1 you can open up doors of opportunity that only come in the direct sales industry. You will become a shining star for your team, your company, and the industry. There is something else that comes with focusing on the power of 1, you and the person you are focusing on both become empowered, and that is the secret sauce to achieving long-term success in direct sales. Never underestimate the power of 1.

Contributor Bio: 

Seth Saunders has over 25 years of experience within the direct sales industry. This experience includes both corporate and field leadership as well as domestic and international operations. Seth has been married for 25 years and has three amazing sons.