What Not To Do In The Direct Selling Industry

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What Not To Do In The Direct Selling Industry

The fast rise of social networks has introduced new marketing and selling concepts to businesses and individuals, one of which is direct selling.

Direct selling is a concept that many people believe is accomplished simply by publishing social media material to attract customers.

Direct sales entail selling a product without needing a physical retail location. Essentially, you are working on your own, with assistance from the firm in the form of product and basic training. 

Training is frequently delivered by video and text rather than in person. On the other hand, direct selling takes much more than simply publishing a photo.

If you’re getting into direct selling, DSDefenders can help you with things you should not do in the direct selling industry.

Don’ts Of Direct Selling

Below, we discuss the don’ts of direct selling every business should be aware of.

Don’t Start With A Weak Lineup Of Events

man planning eventsOne of the most common mistakes when establishing a business is not scheduling enough parties, launch events, or prospecting appointments. 

Most businesses advocate a specific level of engagement to get your business up and running; following the advice results in a solid start and momentum for your firm.

Begin with four to six parties or events in your first 30 days. People that begin with simply a few gatherings on their schedule eventually wind up with no or slow business. 

It is natural to feel unsuccessful or lose excitement for your business if you do not have the momentum that comes with a good launch timetable.

Don’t Tell Your Consultants To Always Try To Sell

Direct selling is about engaging and communicating with customers to create trust and reputation rather than immediately closing agreements. 

Make sure to emphasize to your consultants the necessity of personal connections with customers. 

These personal contacts will result in your consultants providing clients with tips and techniques, giving them the impression that the brand is there to help them rather than sell to them. 

Remember that direct selling is not an easy job. A lot of work goes into developing a direct selling strategy that will work for you.

Direct selling involves creating a relationship that will lead to customer happiness and an increase in purchases, not about making a sales pitch or sharing product photographs and sending preppy emails.

Don’t Fail To Set Objectives

Setting objectives is one of the most important aspects of success. It is almost impossible to keep going forward when individuals have no idea what they want or where to go. 

Fear of failing or what other people think frequently prevents people from pursuing modest objectives.

Many people believe that a goal must be enormous to feel valued by themselves and others. Indeed, the minor benchmarks lead us to the larger aspirations we seek in our life.

Ineffective social selling might result from a lack of a strategic plan or content factory to steer your consultants on the path to success. 

Your consultant may be working blindly towards no stated aim if there are no timetables for postings, criteria for involvement, or metrics to gauge their goals and success. 

It would be best to establish priorities and expectations so consultants and businesses can prosper.

Don’t Make Assumptions About Consumers And Prospects

It is critical in business not to pass judgment on anyone. Often, you judge how much someone will spend or if they are a good match for the company without even giving them a chance. 

You must set aside your preconceived notions about individuals and give your products and chances to everyone. Allow individuals to make decisions about what they want and don’t want. 

You can’t tell what’s in someone’s bank account or heart just by looking at them. 

Don’t Expect Your Consultants To Send Out General Announcements

There is a distinction between having your consultants post particular general messages in response to sales, events, or big announcements and having them post general messages all the time. 

These broad messages, like the prior subject, prevent consultants from having the personal level connection required to build a genuine and honest relationship with consumers, which helps produce purchases.

Remember that the main goal and notion of social media is to foster human involvement, which helps firms and brands seem more approachable to consumers while also building a reputation for honesty.

Don’t Let There Be a Lack Of Concentration

When you work for yourself and work from home, it’s easy to become sidetracked. Being self-employed might be difficult for folks who have only previously had a 9-to-5 job.

It is critical to balance life and work while remaining present in whatever you are working on. If you want to be able to spend time with your family, schedule it and be present in the moment. 

If you want to focus on your business, devote time to income-generating tasks that are free of distractions. Personal growth and development are crucial. 

You must constantly be a student, learning everything you can.

Don’t Allow Consultants to Participate Occasionally

Infrequent social media activity decreases the chance of developing meaningful conversations with customers. These missing encounters might be the issues preventing your consultants from succeeding.

Active and consistent customer interaction, whether by posting or responding to comments, also builds strong brand impressions while building trustworthiness, dependability, and rememberability. 

But consultants should avoid over-posting because this, too, causes an issue in terms of customer acquisition.

Don’t Rely On Friends And Family For Too Long

Many reps make the mistake of focusing solely on their friends and family, eventually exhausting their customer base. 

Initially, relatives and friends either buy things at your launch party or agree to throw one for you. 

And instead of coming into your events to book their friends and expand your network, you may forget your booking speak and focus solely on sales.

Sales do not just determine a successful party or event. A successful event has average to above-average revenue, attracts leads, and new reservations or appointments added to your calendar.

Don’t Be Hesitant To Request A Party Or An Appointment

Many people are paralyzed by fear of hearing the word “no.” They are hesitant to step outside their comfort zone and ask for assistance, a sale, or recommendations.

The fact is that you will get turned down. It’s all part of the selling process. Take nothing personally. Sometimes a no means not now.

There is also the danger of coming across as a salesperson. Focusing on service rather than sales will help you maintain authentic discussions with your consumers.

To overcome your fear of hearing the word “no,” you must constantly reaffirm your faith in your organization, product, and yourself.

Don’t Let There Be A Dip In Dedication And Perseverance

Another error many new direct marketers make is not remaining committed or quitting too soon. Representatives are frequently disheartened when they fail to meet a goal they set for themselves. 

They lose motivation for their business when they learn that a direct sales business, like any other, requires time. 

Many people work in direct sales part-time or for extra money for their families, but when they learn that it still demands labor and devotion, they are more likely to quit.

There will be occasions when you feel uneasy, as with any new employment. When this occurs, some employees leave because they believe another product line would be simpler to market.

Don’t Make The Mistake Of Not Treating Your Company Like A Company

Your direct sales business is simply that, and you must handle it. You must set office hours, decide which days you wish to work, and stick to them. 

You must constantly have adequate business aids and materials ready for business when it arrives.

To be successful, you must not only treat your business like a business, but you must also treat it consistently. Set a consistent work plan, keep a calendar, and work on your Power Hour regularly. 

a team working on a projectUse the Power Hour technique twice weekly to stay on top of your company’s critical revenue-generating operations.

Maintain your social media networks. It doesn’t seem good when someone visits your business page and discovers that the company hasn’t posted in days or weeks. 

It appears that the company or individual is inefficient or unreliable or has gone out of business totally.


There are many more things that you should avoid when engaging in direct sales, but DSDefenders believe these are the most important. 

Either way working as a direct seller takes a lot of hard work, dedication, socializing, a strong desire to succeed, and studying the product you are attempting to sell.  

Your objective should be to gain your clients’ attention and time. To create new relationships, always follow up immediately on new opportunities.

A customer database enables you to use your networks, establish a connection with your clients and use marketing materials through product updates or email newsletters.