Who Are The Top 5 Direct Sales Companies That Excel

Top 5 direct sales companies

Who Are The Top 5 Direct Sales Companies That Excel

Direct sales are those that take place between a brand and the end customer without the assistance of an intermediary or distributor. 

Instead of selling in retail establishments, independent salespeople use direct selling to offer their products and services directly to clients in meeting places such as homes, workplaces, and cafés. 

Direct selling enables you to eliminate costly overheads, save advertising expenses, and manage your enterprises more freely.

The first crucial thing your firm should know about direct sales is that it is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. 

DSDefenders has put together the top 5 direct sales companies that you should know about if you’re interested in becoming a part of the world of direct sales.

Best 5 Direct Sales Companies


Amway is a family-owned consumer products producer and direct selling corporation headquartered in Ada, Michigan, dedicated to assisting people in living better, healthier lives. 

Jay Van Andel and partner Richard DeVos launched Amway in 1959. The partners met in school and developed a shared interest in business and sales. 

DeVos and Van Andel had previously been business partners in various businesses before the formation of Amway.

Amway is one of the few firms that can genuinely claim to have invented the business model known and loved as direct sales.

The Amway Business Model may be profitable – ask the founders, who have made a real fortune. Amway is now the world’s most popular direct sales company. 

They look to provide a viable road to riches since the corporation sold $8.4 billion in items. The road to riches, like with any direct sales, is to get a large number of individuals to join up under you. 

Distributors are paid a commission on all of the items they sell. The more individuals who sign up after your referral and recruit new people, the cycle goes on, and your profits increase. 

To make any significant amount of money, you must first hire people to work for you, then hire people to work beneath those people, and so on.

Natura Cosmetics 

Natura Cosmeticos is a green and natural ingredients-based cosmetics company that sells a wide range of cosmetic goods that are good for your skin and the environment.

healthy supplementsNatura has long claimed to be a pioneer in sustainable beauty, and their Ekos company features a menu of Amazon-sourced ingredients. 

However, the company has grown significantly in the past six years, acquiring Australian skincare brand Aesop in 2016, UK store Body Shop in 2018, and fellow direct-selling cosmetics company Avon in early 2020. 

The purchasing spree has elevated it to the world’s fourth-largest cosmetics brand. It hopes to utilize its elevated prominence to set an example for how businesses should handle environmental preservation.

Under trademarks such as Mamae e Bebe, VoVo, Erva Doce, Plant, and Todoia, its business is divided into infant and child, hair, body and bath, men’s goods, cosmetics, fragrance, face products, and gifts. 

Bath, afterbath, and massage treatments are among the baby and kid items available. Body and bath products include soaps, deodorants, and oils. 

Men’s hair and beard products, fragrances, and soaps are available, while cosmetics and face items provide a diverse range. The scent category includes fragrances for both men and women.

Natura’s direct selling methodology allows them to manage the pipeline of items available to consumers at any one time during the year.


Herbalife is a multinational direct sales corporation that manufactures and sells dietary supplements. Mark Hughes, a businessman, started Herbalife in 1980.

Herbalife aims to provide products that will keep you healthy and maintain a healthy weight or healthily lose weight.  

Herbalife also hires independent distributors to promote their products, offering it as a business opportunity to interested individuals. 

Herbalife is not available in stores. Instead, you buy the things from a Member. Your Member will assist you in pricing your product options competitively.

Herbalife’s weight reduction products include one of its oldest products, a powdered shake mix intended to be used as a meal replacement. 

Some items are vegetarian, kosher, or adhere to other stringent nutritional criteria. 

Those who use and promote Herbalife products believe they are part of a healthy and balanced weight loss regimen that includes low-calorie meals, exercise, and overall balanced nutrition.


Vorwerk & Co. was formed in Wuppertal in 1883 and has evolved from a carpet manufacturer to a broadly diversified, multinational business group more than 130 years after that. 

Vorwerk is a direct sales firm and one of the industry’s most ethical direct sales organizations. The organization provides the opportunity to resell its items, establish a team, and make a living wage.

Since 2014, the firm has revealed 12,000 full-time employees and over 590,000 independently employed agents across 75 countries. 

Nonetheless, Vorwerk is still a family company today. Vorwerk is one of several direct sales organizations that have ventured into many more areas than they began.

vorwerks a direct sales company cookingbookVorwerk began as a carpet firm and has now developed into Vorwerk Carpets, Jafra Cosmetics, Thermomix kitchenware and tech, Lux Asia Pacific water purifiers, air filters, and Kobold Vacuum Cleaners.

Vorwerk Carpets was the company’s first product. They are made up of floor coverings from tiles, carpets, and much more, which are quite popular in Germany. 

The Kobold Vacuum line began in 1929 with the production of the first upright hoover. Nonetheless, it now has a variety of hoovers, Robotic cleaners, mini and cordless vacuum cleaners, and home window cleaners.

Thermomix is their signature product that serves the purpose of multiple devices. It is a versatile device that includes a blending dish, a Varoma, a butterfly whisk, a simmering basket with a cover, measuring cups, a splash guard, and a spatula.

Jafra cosmetics are quite popular in the United States. It has several exquisite goods. Jafra cosmetics are available on Amazon. 

Vorwerk also sells water and air purifiers under the Lux brand. The item is usually found in Asia.


Infinitus is the parent business of the Lee Kum Kee brand, one of the world’s most recognized and known culinary brands. 

It is now advertising its products in over 100 countries through many representatives, and it will continue to expand globally in the future. 

Customers benefit from the company’s wide selection of items and steady revenue. It is headquartered in Hong Kong. 

Infinitus chose a health and wellness approach when it first debuted in 1992, pushing for excellence in Chinese wellness traditions and grabbing chances to develop the Chinese medicine health business.

They used Chinese health culture as the theoretical foundation for research and development of high-quality Chinese herbal health products to make Infinitus products more effective and appealing to various consumer personalities’ health and wellness needs. 

Infinitus employs a hybrid business model that includes direct sales, 30 branches, 30 service centers, and approximately 7,000 specialty stores and studios in mainland China, as well as online platforms such as WeChat, websites, and apps for a service consultation, marketing promotion, and product sales. 

These possibilities are available to e-commerce cloud merchants and distributors to offer items and consult with customers before and after transactions.

Along with outstanding items, Infinitus has a solid MLM scheme that draws a lot of individuals. It is a thriving business. 

It provides you with several revenue alternatives. Representatives get a 25% commission on retail pricing, which translates to a 25% profit on sales. 

Along with a 10% basic sales incentive, there is a 12.5 percent extra sales bonus. There are many more awards such as a performance bonus, leadership bonus, steady growth bonus, and excellence bonus. 

We may infer their development and the number of individuals participating in their payment scheme. Infinitus has incredibly secure and robust employer-employee connections, which makes it a terrific brand to work for and with.


Selling directly to end-users is exactly what direct to consumer means. DSDefenders assures you that this is one of the best ways to get involved in any business and earn profits.

This technique avoids wholesalers and retailers, eliminating needless expenses involved with intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers.

This strategy is a clear reversal of how firms traditionally advertise their products through merchants rather than customers. 

Direct selling reduces expenses while increasing revenues by removing retailer sales commissions and display space charges. Direct sales entail communicating to those most likely to purchase the product or service. 

This generally involves tracking consumer preferences over time to identify the information most likely to persuade the client to buy.

DSDefenders advises that direct sales are the way to do it if you’re someone looking to turn your life around.