Who Manages Reputation Better Nu Skin Or Monat

An image of some skin and makeup products that are similar to what Nu Skin or Monat offers

Who Manages Reputation Better Nu Skin Or Monat

Few things are more crucial than the internet reputation of your company. It fosters consumer, employee, and investor trust. 

Consequently, you can expand your business more successfully and generate higher sales when you have a better online reputation. DSDefenders recommend this technique to maintain your brand’s image.

Unfortunately, too many businesses wait for a public relations disaster before investing in their digital reputation. Positive evaluations and customer satisfaction show a good internet reputation. 

Consumers rely on internet reviews to make purchase decisions. People frequently do not want to spend their money with someone they do not trust.

This stands especially true for beauty brands as their products are often very personal and target specific issues. Direct sales are tough, and managing your online reputation adds to it.

That is why brands like Nu Skin and Monat have entrusted the experts at DSDefenders to help them improve and maintain their online reputation.

Let’s look at each brand, what they stand for and how they overcame their online reputation hurdles with the help of DSDefenders.

About Nu Skin

An image of a brush being held above a glass bottle filled with powderNu Skin Enterprises is a direct sales firm that distributes personal care and nutritional supplements. Nu Skin, founded in 1984, has over 1.2 million independent distributors. 

The organization is dedicated to assisting its consumers in looking and feeling younger. Nu Skin’s business approach is based on direct sales marketing. 

This implies that distributors are encouraged to attract others to the Nu Skin company and sell products. 

Distributors sell items directly to clients and can also recruit and teach them to become distributors. Distributors are paid a portion of their recruits’ sales in this arrangement.

Nu Skin is a multi-level marketing firm that sells anti-aging skin care products, nutritional supplements, personal care goods, weight management products, and home care items.

Signing up for the Nu Skin opportunity is the first step toward becoming a Nu Skin distributor. 

After registering, you will be required to fill out an online application. Then, begin by acquiring at least one inventory bundle and finishing the online business training course. 

To complete your qualification as a Nu Skin distributor, a distributor must attend at least one seminar hosted by a local distributor or sponsor.

About Monat

MONAT is a hair and skincare line, along with other products related to self-care and grooming. These goods are exclusively accessible through MONAT distributors and are not sold in shops.

The company was formed in 2014, and its most well-known items are its hair care products, such as clean beauty shampoos and conditioners. 

MONAT sells skincare items, including face masques and exfoliating or moisturizing scrubs. Men’s goods are also available from the brand. Monat Pet is also a dog wash and deodorizing spray system!

MONAT distributors, like any other MLM organization, may earn money in two ways. The first method is to sell directly to clients. 

Because the items aren’t sold in stores, this appears to be a reasonably straightforward task. Working for an MLM requires you to control all parts of your business and save the production of the items. 

This involves selling to friends and relatives using your social media power. An MLM’s true bread and butter attract additional distributors into the firm. 

Each new distributor you recruit earns you a percentage of their revenues and onboarding cost.

Nu Skin vs. Monat Online Reputation

Most direct sales marketers can come on too strong, assuming that everyone they meet is a possible sale or customer, and they end up pushing away the people who might have given them the most support. 

Most direct sales businesses do not hire experienced salespeople; instead, they hire normal people. 

Nu Skin

Throughout its existence, Nu Skin has been accused of running an unlawful pyramid scheme. This is a problem that most direct sales businesses struggle with, including Monat.

DSDefenders specializes in helping direct sales companies recover their online reputation when they come under fire. Nu Skin has been the target of several investigations for running an unlawful pyramid scheme, more so than many other direct sales companies

However, in terms of earnings, their representatives make more than most direct sales organizations. 

They are a significant corporation in the personal care and beauty market, which is quite large. As a result, even if their items are pricey, there will always be a demand for them.


They appear nearly comparable to Monat, which offers direct sales, to a pyramid scheme.

The fundamental distinction between a direct sales company like Monat and a classic pyramid scheme is that MLMs avoid legal difficulties by selling a product. 

Pyramid schemes are only concerned with recruiting and money flow. They mostly generate money by encouraging others to join by paying to join.

This money rises the pyramid, where individuals at or near the top earn enough to be deemed affluent. This fantasy is then offered as a possibility to reach new potential recruits.

You cannot find MONAT goods in shops with other beauty items. Monat items are only available through their website and distributors. 

Monat is a direct sales company, and recruiters are their market partners. Monat goods are sold via market partners through various channels, including social media and traditional marketing. 

More importantly, they recruit individuals to become market partners to expand their downline and earn more money. 

The FDA and Health Canada have both authorized their goods. Even though the goods have been categorized as unsafe, these groups believe they are safe for cosmetic purposes.

Methods Of Online Reputation Management

ORM is essential for direct sales because it allows them to frequently evaluate themselves and their methodologies. The internet is always evolving, and with new information coming to the surface faster than ever, how people view a brand may vary dramatically. 

Furthermore, to protect brand image, direct sales organizations should incorporate online reputation management with the DSDefenders team to ensure negative attacks do not tear them down.

Earned Media

Positive brand mentions strengthen trust with your audience and Google, making earned media critical for online reputation management. Furthermore, when the Google algorithm detects more favorable off-page signals, it will attach greater authority and credibility to your brand, resulting in higher ranks. Earned media includes free exposure and the publicity your brand receives through third-party sources.

Owned Media

Owned media is your direct sales website and blog that are completely under your supervision and control. 

So, if you focus on boosting the ranking of sites that are critical to the reputation and perception of your business, you are on the correct route.

Paid Media

You may use paid media to boost your favored story and put your best foot forward. This is a popular method used by brands to make it to the first page of a google search or at the top of other platforms ad reels.

However, it is not as effective as maintaining your social media accounts or your website because people tend to trust and rely on organic search results more than they do on ads and commercials.

Social Media

An image of a phone with several social media apps on itIn addition to maintaining your website, you should focus on your company’s profiles on numerous social networks to serve as an online business card.

You must monitor what brand mentions appear on other accounts and rectify any remarks that negatively depict your company.


So who did it better? Monat or Nu Skin? While statistically speaking, Monat has a bigger name in the industry and online, one can argue that they have a better online reputation.

However, numbers are not the sole method used to determine this. Despite being a smaller brand, Nu Skin also has a good online reputation in its direct sales industry.

Both are on an equal footing.  Online reputation management reflects bottom-up communication in which your present and new consumers may express themselves about your business.

So, online reputation is a vital component of every business, marketing, and growth plan, even for firms that aren’t currently online. Having people talk about your direct sales company is great, but what they say about you is essential. 

The objective of DSDefenders is to help direct sales companies establish a robust online reputation management plan to sift through all of the online dialogues, give repairs as needed, and generate favorable sentiment.

This is why working in collaboration with a company like DSDefenders, which genuinely knows how Google operates, is important. Inquire about how we can assist in strengthening your brand’s internet presence.