Common Mistakes Made Online by Direct Sales Companies

Common Mistakes Made Online by Direct Sales Companies

The reputation of a direct sales company, and the person doing the selling, makes a huge difference. Everything can go great for months and even years, only to suddenly have a crisis on hand.

How can a person stay out of hot water and do their part? At Direct Sales Defenders, we have seen some mistakes over the years that people make. Often these mistakes are made without even realizing that, as a distributor building their own brand, they directly represent the brand of the direct sales company who’s products they sell. It might seem harmless at the time, but it could have severe ramifications in the short and long-term for the direct sales company.


Is Your Direct Sales Company Trying To Control Too Much


We get many people coming to us at Direct Sales Defenders, hoping that we can completely transform search results. While we can help out and even delete certain negative hits online, there is such a thing as trying to do too much. In fact, trying to do too much can backfire in a big way and impact a reputation.

Some things are just entirely out of anyone’s control. That is part of working in the direct sales industry. For example, even the best product is not going to have 100% approval rating. There will always be some people who have questions or concerns at the least, and perhaps even frustration.

Do not worry as much about getting rid of the negative. Instead, enhance the positive, and the cream will rise to the top. Attempting to become too much of a control freak will not lead to the same type of success one envisions in their mind.


Don’t Run From Or Ignore Controversy


Controversy in direct sales happens from time to time, and navigating this crisis can be very tricky. One solution with virtually a 0% success rate is completely running away or ignoring what is going on. This alienates those frustrated with the company, and it is an excellent way for the narrative to continue going down a negative path. With no one addressing the issue, it is open season on the company.

The better way to handle everything is to resolve any issues that could potentially hurt a reputation. This means reading reviews good and bad, and responding directly if necessary. They are people from all walks of life online, and controversy is not going to go away like gossip. When something hits online, it sticks around forever in some capacity.


Use Online Outlets To Post Meaningful Content


Whether it is running a personal website, or helping run a company’s website, there is always a need for quality content surrounding the product online. With all the online clutter, it makes a lot of sense to focus on quality to help with direct sales.

Why does this matter so much, and how does it get so overlooked? It matters because many people are savvy enough to research anything they are about to purchase online before pulling the trigger. With direct sales, there is a little bit of skepticism in many shoppers’ minds. They are likely to do their deal diligence as far as research is concerned, and that is where meaningful content pops up.

It takes time to write meaningful content, and not everyone is a crafty writer. It is part of a process that might not pay off initially, but it adds depth to a look online. You can even connect indirectly, as a post about solving a problem and suggesting a product could lead to sales. It is more of an extended play, but still a good one for anyone in charge of a direct sales website.


Embrace Social Media As An Outstanding Tool For Your Direct Sales Company


People seem to have a love/hate relationship with social media in many different industries. Maybe the reason why is because people do not know how to use it to benefit. When done correctly, social media can be more effective than just about any other free resource.

A common mistake people make with social media is that they do not provide quality, engaging content. There must be more than just linking a profile up and spamming links periodically. Engage with followers and treat them like actual people. An engaging account with a small amount of followers is much better than a more significant account that comes off way too corporate. 

Direct Sales Social MediaDo Not Risk Breaking The Rules Online For An Advantage


This tip is directly for those who work for a bigger direct sales company with specific rules in place. For example, some might not branch off much from the look of the main company and their website. It might seem enticing to jump online and try to capitalize on some traffic that way, but it is not worth putting the job at risk if there are rules.

Make sure to read through everything first before starting to implement ways to improve here and there. Some will not allow others to gain advantages online by building out anything too specific. Instead, figure out the boundaries, and push to the limit to maximize the opportunity for success. Play by the rules, or it becomes very risky.


Failing To Provide A Steady Stream Of Content


The final helpful tip is to look at growing online as a marathon, not a sprint. A person can rush to throw up a website, put a few articles on it, and leave it at that. While it looks impressive, it becomes stale rather quickly.

Do not make that mistake, and focus on a steady stream of content instead. This will keep things fresh, allow for new links internally, and show people that the website is not abandoned.