Corporate Events

corporate events

Corporate Events & Distributor Recognition

At Direct Sales Defender, our methods focus on corporate communication. We realize it can be a challenge to scale a new or existing company in the direct sales industry without a passionate and energized field. Our corporate events team has executed hundreds of events in over 50 countries! These events have had in excess of 10,000 physical attendees. These days, with CoVID-19, network marketing companies are forced to adopt technology which can be tricky and cumbersome to scale and leverage when putting on corporate events. We can help consult, manage, or fully perform these tasks as needed.

corporate events

Has CoVID-19 Stalled Your Events?

Leverage technology to communicate better with distributors

Like all direct sales companies, you’re likely feeling the effects of shut-downs, travel restrictions, and bans on holding large conventions. Regional events are being impacted and many companies are unsure how to best position technology within the company to build similar momentum as in-person events with regional leaders.

The Direct Sales Defenders team helps network marketing companies with these challenges to ensure communication stays consistent with the field. Contact a member of our team to discuss your specific needs, and scope a solution to your challenges.

corporate events