Reputation Management

Reputation management

Reputation Management is Critical for Your Brand

The direct sales industry is a wonderful industry offering business builders and consumers alike amazing products and opportunities. These opportunities allow people to take control of their financial success, and their time. Too often however, those unprepared or misinformed take to the internet to share negative experiences about companies they may have worked with, distributors they’ve met, or share feelings about the industry as a whole. The result of this damaging content is skepticism, fear, and uncertainty for your audience who stumble upon these articles; usually due to their ability to attract viewers through ‘click-bait’ style titles. Over 50% of network marketing companies have stated that they have 5 or more negative items ranking (right now) on prominent search pages, that they wish they could remove. 

The Direct Sales Defenders team has a proven track record as the largest and most effective online reputation management agency serving those with businesses in this great industry. We implement proven techniques to retrain search algorithms, burying unwanted (negative) content, allowing you to tell your story and shape your brands narrative online. All practices are legal, using industry proven best-practices combined with DSD’s executive leadership coaching.

“67 percent of distributors surveyed say they’ve had a negative article [about the company] hurt their ability to onboard new distributors.”

DSDefenders has built

A Proven Process

Scour the Internet

Our branding team will review online results for your brand, benchmark their findings, and determine the best plan of action. We then review this with your team and get to work.

Bury Unwanted Content

Once we collaborate and create needed content, we’ll implement proven techniques to supplant unwanted content online. This results in a clean results page for top keywords.

Promote Brand Identity

Your brands identity is what people remember. With negative items address, our team will strategically promote positive content about your brand to improve brand identity.
Reputation Management

Common Questions

What can be done about negatives online?

Once our team analyzes your current search results, a content map is created to benchmark where things are today. We then consult your team on the best way to suppress the unwanted content off primary search pages, allowing your brand to tell your story and help answer key questions distributors and consumers are asking. Our techniques have a 90%+ success rate, and in some cases, we’re even able to negotiate a full removal of the content from the internet!

Contact a member of our team to review your online search results. They’ll provide a tailored solution plan to you explaining the process and timeline associated to resolving online issues.