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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes Direct Sales Defenders different from other reputation and digital marketing companies?

DSD is run by people who’ve spent time operating multi-level, direct sales companies. Our team has over 25 years of experience working inside the network marketing industry, and we understand the complex nature of advertising to two demographics. A network marketing company can’t simply have a well built website, and another ‘miracle juice’ and expect to be the next billion dollar MLM. 

Building a brand in the direct sales space requires high quality products, with supply chains that can scale as distributor demand increases. The message must be crystal clear regarding product value and brand opportunities. Messaging must be aligned to describe why someone would want the consumables you’re selling, and equally as important why they should want to build a side-gig [Gig Economy] business, or even a full-time business selling these great products.

Direct Sales Defenders understands how to best position content on the complex media landscape, in order to deliver intentional results that insulate and prepare your brand for future attention.

2. Can you really get negative information off of the internet?

Yes – we can remove negative or unwanted content from the internet. This can be tricky, and is not guaranteed, but we’ve had good success with removing negative content like unwanted YouTube videos, bad reviews, distasteful images, and even articles from sites like mlmcompanies.org, holysmoke.org, ripoffreport.com, scamion.com and more!

3. Are all ORM / SEO solutions the same?

No. With DSDefenders, all solutions are tailored to meet the digital marketing needs of each direct sales organization.

4. Can Direct Sales Defenders help with our website optimization, or only 3rd party content on the internet?

Yes, we can help with auditing your website, improving searchability, building optimization, even site design. Direct Sales Defenders is your one-stop-shop for digital marketing. This means, SEO, SEM, ORM, and even Google Autocomplete suggestion marketing & removal are available.

5. How expensive are reputation & branding services?

Each solution is different. Most companies can expect to pay between $5,000-$15,000 per month for fully managed digital marketing solutions. As each company brings a unique set of challenges and opportunities, it’s best to get a free quote to understand where your company could benefit most.

6. How long are these services needed for?

Simple removal services can simply take weeks to a few months. Managed agreements, however, usually take on a longer-term relationship, and evolve into DSD becoming an extension of your team. In these scenarios, DSD often works closely with your Marketing Teams to manage the company’s Online Reputation, Brand Messaging, Review Monitoring & Moderation, Search Optimization, and more.

7. If we have a Marketing team already, does that affect how things work between us and DSD?

During discovery, our team will ask questions to understand the marketing team resources you have on staff today, to help define gaps in the needed resources you need tomorrow. We then tailor the solution to fit those gaps, operating as an extension of your team, to work smart and alongside your marketing team.

8. How long does it take to see results?

We often see results in the first few weeks, after collecting needed information and turning our teams loose on resolving or attending to your company’s online issues.

9. How much should I budget for Digital Marketing?

 A safe range would be $5,000-$15,000 depending on the scope of your reputation needs. There are many variables associated with pricing a holistic ORM campaign, so we recommend connecting with our team to discuss specifics and get a custom price for your specific needs.

10. What is Brand Leadership Coaching and how do I know if we need it?

Brand Leadership is the foundation to any great company. Surprisingly, many good companies today fail to clarify the company’s vision, purpose, and annual strategy with their teams. Great brands are built on great teams. Great teams are made up of great people, working with great leaders who can not only tell the story of their brand, but raise excitement about the brand through their words and storytelling.

The ability to define a brands value and purpose, while aligning company goals based on these items is at the heart of Brand Leadership.

With DSD’s Brand Leadership Coaching, our CEO works with your executive team members to understand critical topics associated with your online brand. This includes discussing alignment of internal objectives to meet distributor expectations and desires. Once aligned, the DSD team ensures that the brand voice (i.e. authoritative content) is well defined. Taking this content, our team of writers and publicists work to echo your internal messaging on 3rd party editorial boards, news outlets, press release sites, and more.

11. What are other ways Direct Sales is known by?

There are a number of different ways in which people refer to or associate Direct Sales with, they include:

  • Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
  • Network Marketing
  • Social Selling

12. What is the difference from a legitimate Direct Sales Company and what some refer to as a Pyramid Scheme?

The biggest difference between a legitimate direct sales company and a pyramid scheme is what one gets paid for. A pyramid scheme pays solely on the recruitment of new individuals. They usually do not have a legitimate product which is why there is emphasis on recruitment, that is where one makes their money. On the other hand, a direct sales company has legitimate products, individuals are paid based on the sales of products from both those they recruit as well as their own customers. It is important to do your research before spending any money.

13. What type of Direct Sales Companies are there?

There are three main types:

  1. Party Plan
  2. Network Marketing
  3. Hybrid

14. How many types of compensation plans are there?

There are three main types:

  1. The Breakaway Commission
  2. Unilevel
  3. Binary