Comparing direct sales skincare companies to watch in 2021 – Arbonne, Rodan + Fields, Nu Skin, Isagenix, MONAT Global

Comparing direct sales skincare companies to watch in 2021 – Arbonne, Rodan + Fields, Nu Skin, Isagenix, MONAT Global

Skincare products have always played a large role in the beauty industry; however, something has changed over the past two years. The skincare space has seen a surge in sales. This change is attributed to improvements in social media marketing, great ad campaigns, better-optimized site content, and a higher interest in products derived from natural sources. Now more than ever, as a collective, we are more aware of what goes into our bodies.

There has been a steady upheaval in sales growth since 2018 when skincare rose a whopping 13% by the end of the calendar year. That year, makeup only showed a 1% increase in profit margins. According to NPD, a well-respected market research firm, it was the first time in decades that skincare space grew so prolifically and unexpectedly in just one year.

With the ongoing rise in the skincare market, especially with us all inside our homes more in 2020, we have continued a trend that’s two years in the making. Countless companies are turning more and more to their skincare sales as the fallback to an unexpectedly difficult year. Therefore, we’re taking a moment to compare some of the top direct sales skincare brands on the market. From their mass appeal to the areas that still need a little work, here are five companies that you need to be familiar with.




Arbonne has done well in driving home a very naturalistic approach to skincare. From their website to their social media platforms, Arbonne keeps a streamlined, nondetachable presence across the board. That is really important when you are creating a brand story. It’s even more important to the public reliability of any company.

We think the ease of shopping is incredibly different with Arbonne. From their Facebook page to their website, shopping is made for impulsivity. That’s both good from a market standpoint and a buyer standpoint. You don’t have to look around for what you need or guess what it will cost you.

Covering a wide range of health products along with skincare regimens, the vegan roots of Arbonne are easy to see. While their sales may be slightly lower than other large brands, the streamlining of their brand is impressive.


Rodan + Fields

Rodan and Fields is a household name among dermatologists. It’s products have been featured in countless women’s magazines and loved by some of your favorite celebrities. That being said, while the company has made quite the name for itself, its product prices are a little more pearl-clutching than other companies on this list.

While they have a vast catalog for self-care, it is also a little overwhelming. Lots of information to process on the website makes it hard to navigate. When sites are hard to navigate, you lose customers a little quicker. However, regardless of this, they get an incredible amount of social media interaction. They are really skilled at customer service, it seems, and that is always a perk in today’s market, making them both a business favorite and consumer go-to.


Nu Skin

Nu Skin is a scientific direct sales skincare brand, and not just on a design level. Nu Skin has countless links in their drop-down sections that take you to the actual technology behind their products. When you are already spending on skincare, you want to know that you are buying something that isn’t just a well-done label.


Their social media presence is a little lacking for such a large brand. The imagery is a little dated, and the interactions fall short. Like Rodan and Fields, their collection can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you might be on Nu Skin’s page for a long time. That’s not necessarily negative unless it scares off business because it’s too frustrating for those who don’t have an hour or two to find their perfect skincare plan.

Other than a lack in social media creativity, Nu Skin continues to thrive in the marketplace and seems to stay on top thanks to its in-depth scientific character, which goes a long way in a HUGE market of other competitors.



Unless you lived under a rock this year (and that’s totally acceptable in 2020 if ANY year), you have heard of Isagenix. They have their hand in almost every area of direct sales as far as wellness is concerned. From weight loss products to beauty and skincare, Isagenix really has tried to capitalize on their slogan “the pursuit of better.”

This company has really excelled in video ad campaigns. They have a caring front face that is incredibly appealing, especially to families on a wellness journey. We aren’t as excited about their social media platforms as we are some of the other companies on this list. Still, in a time when care has never meant more, they have really excelled.

The Isagenix website seems a little “scientific,” for lack of a better term. Their sales feel like they could stand to improve simply by not requiring so many clicks to get to product pages. Overall, for a company that boasts of its care-factor, Isagenix excels in reaching a demographic who cares about their skincare.

MONAT Global

There is no question that MONAT Global has become a top-tier company in the skincare space. They continually strive to produce quality products that fit within their brand.

MONAT Global does an immense amount of campaigning, but their best efforts are from personal market partners. While we know that beauty brands often depend on creating consultants for coin, their website is one that screams, “time to get beautified”. It welcomes potential customers with quality images of both products and those who use the products.

While the products can be a little pricey,  you can’t argue with the sales numbers. People who love this brand are loyal to it. If you build a loyal following, you’re doing something right.

As we get ready to embark upon another year, we are really excited for what that means for the continuing increase in the interest of high-quality, healthy skincare. We know that smaller skincare lines are just as excited about that. If you are a brand executive, we recommend you invest some resources into making sure your online reputation is boosting your brand, not inhibiting it. If you’re just a consumer, here’s to a year of better marketing and better skin.