Thrive Life appoints Eric Morgan as President

Thrive Life Foods

Thrive Life appoints Eric Morgan as President

American Fork, Utah: Thrive Life, a globally recognized freeze dried food company this week announced that Eric Morgan will take the role of President.

For the last 8 years, Eric has served as the VP of Marketing at Thrive Life. Eric Morgan will take the place of Jason Norton, who has served in this position for the past 5 years. Jason will now act as the Chief Sales Officer. “I am so excited for Eric to take on this new role. With the recent growth and the current business environment, Eric is the perfect person to take Thrive Life to the next level” said Norton.


“Eric has a unique ability to connect with our consultants and employees to help everyone be more successful” said Jason Budge, Chief Marketing Officer. “Eric has the passion and ability to align all of our business efforts so that we can continue to grow” said Steve Palmer, Chief Executive Officer. “I am excited and grateful for this opportunity the Thrive owners have given me,” said Morgan. “We’ve changed the way people think about freeze dried food, but we’re just getting started. They will continue to grow and have a huge impact on households around the world,” he continued.

About Thrive Life

Thrive Life makes meal preparation faster, simpler, and more convenient…without neglecting taste and quality! Their standards from the time product is picked to the time its frozen and canned is the top in the industry. We’re excited to watch the continued growth of Thrive Life as Eric applies his skills as President to growing the business and helping distributors grow their own businesses.

The DSDefender team has had the pleasure of touring the Thrive Life HQ facility. We were impressed by their process. Its apparent that they’re are dedicated to providing high quality products. What tastes better, a strawberry from Grandma’s garden or a strawberry from a grocery store? Unless your Grandma was a terrible gardener, we all know you’d pick Grandma’s every-time! The fact is homegrown food tastes better because it’s allowed to fully ripen, naturally. This is part of their secret to providing amazingly pure tasting products. The farmers they partner with grow food as nature intended—free of GMOs, preservatives, harmful chemicals, or additives, allowing that homegrown flavor we all seek to fully develop.